Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wasted time

I wasted a few hours trying to figure out why
I couldn't link C programs to IDL on the evolve
machine. At first I thought it was because it is
running IDL 6.2, but then I got it to work on
another machine with 6.2. Then I thought it must be because
it is a 64-bit machine, but then I got it to work
on a different 64-bit machine. Then I figure it
out: for some reason IDL is running in 32-bit mode
on that machine, so it can't work with 64-bit libraries.
This is not the default behavior, so it must be
some kind of configuration error. I've written
to the sysadmin to see what's up.

I did get something done today: I finished
creating the new source catalog tables in the
postgres database and I'm ready to do some
systematics tests tomorrow.



Hogg said...

Do you run postgres at NYU, or elsewhere?

Erin Sheldon said...

At Chicago our our cheops cluster.
I've got reduced versions of all
the catalogs in a table, as well
as my source catalogs, photozs,
cluster catalogs, etc.

The reason this has become useful
is because I wrote C code linked
to IDL that can read the database,
create an IDL structure, copy the
query results into it and return
it back to IDL. This is infinitely
faster than the routines you must
pay IDL extra money to gain access