Monday, March 20, 2006

First post: random points

This is my first post on my research blog, so let's get to it:

Hogg convinced me that I don't need to create new random points for
each sample I do. My thought was that each should
be statistically independent, which they won't be if I re-use random
points. But because the randoms are so well-determined now (20
million points) the statistical fluctuations in their determination
are no longer important anyway. This also allows me to just
set randoms running in the background with redshifts drawn
randomly from a "volume limited" distribution, and then use
them when I need them.

The trick is getting the redshifts correct for the randoms when I use
them with a specific lens sample. What I plan to do is just draw from
the randoms until the histogram of random redshifts is N times
the histogram of lens redshifts. This will preserve the rough shape
of the redshift distribution but not use exactly the same redshifts.

I'm also running a new cluster lens sample right now which should be
done by mid-day tomorrow; more on that when the time comes.


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