Wednesday, April 23, 2008

M/L modeling; papers accepted

M/L Modeling

I'm creating some new measurements that make it simpler for Jeremy Tinker to model our mass-to-light ratio (M/L) results. To create his models he uses Zehavi's correlation functions for r-band selected samples. In my M/L paper I used i-band selected galaxies. It turns out the only way this modeling was going to get done is if I repeat my measurements for r-band limited galaxies. It took a week of running on a cluster of computers here at NYU and I now have the basic light measurements done. This was much faster than the previous measurements because I only measured the light correlation functions to 2Mpc. Now I need to do the analysis, which I hope to get to after my trip to Brookhaven this week.

Papers Accepted

Paper I, the cluster lensing measurement paper, and Paper III, the M/L paper were both accepted to ApJ this week. I've spent the last few days working with ApJ to create downloadable data tables that will accompany the papers, and accompanying "preview" tables to go in the papers. I also plan to make the data available online with links placed with the arXiv abstract.

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