Monday, September 17, 2007

Lensing papers on astro-ph

The lensing papers were posted on astro-ph last week. Here are the links:

Paper I: Measurements astro-ph 0709.1153
Paper II: Modeling/Inversions astro-ph 0709.1159
Paper III: M/L astro-ph 0709.1162

There are still questions about calibration at the 10% level. We did the best we could with the data we had, I know that. But over the year since the initial measurements were made there have undoubtedly been improvements in our understanding of the photozs. But this is part of science; we have to publish sometime and we will incrementally improve our understanding as we go. Because this uncertainty comes in as a calibration, an overall amplitude, we can always re-calibrate the results in the future.



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