Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cluster lensing finished

The final lensing measurements for the maxbcg clusters are finished. If there are any other issues that arise I will not address them in this paper. This is non-negotiable. For example the photozs are now fixed; other photoz methods may give different results. This just comes from choosing a method. I would not be surprised if we re-calibrated these results in the future as our knowledge of the source redshift distribution improves, but it won't happen before publication of these results.

The results after fixing the photoz bug have higher amplitude by about 15%.

I've finished making the new plots, now I'm re-working the text. This will take a little work because I need to write up how I have used our estimates of the photoz error distribution in the measurement itself rather than as a correction after the fact. This is the same formalism we used in the 2004 paper but now we actually have a good idea what the error distributions are.

Dave Johnston and I are still planning to release this paper and his analysis paper at the same time. I want this to happen before June.

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