Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Finally 30Mpc + python cgi

The cluster-light cross correlations to 30Mpc finally finished. Now I have mass-to-light ratios over the whole range. I started looking at them and I'm seeing that in some cluster richness bins we may not be seeing the M/L asymptote. This is in the lower richness bins. At first this didn't make sense but maybe it is because the mis-centering is worse in those cases. It will be interesting to compare what we get when we try to model in these offsets.

Mulin and I also set up python CGI on the web server. This will be useful because writing these scripts in python is much easier and quicker than using php or perl. The server is old and decrepit, so we'll have to repeat all this when it is replaced in the next couple of weeks.

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