Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More tests

I decided to run some of these tests on our
cluster sample and I definitely see a difference
with the better resolved sources. Now I want
to see how few sources I can cut and still get
the improvement. More tomorrow.


Today there was a thread on the Numpy
discussion list about the fee based
documentation. People there made some
good points about this. This guy is actually
writing a book here, and its not like I haven't
bought books before; I own the Perl book
for example and used it all the time when I
was writing a lot of Perl code.

On the other hand, what is really needed for this numpy
thing is really just a list of all the available
commands as much as anything. This I can
do from the source perhaps, and I might actually
do that once they get all the good stuff from numarray
ported over. We'll see.


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